Public Deliverables ( D6.2, D7.5, D6.3, D6.4, D6.6 , D6.5, D7.6, D7.7)


The delivery of 3D immersive entertainment to the home remains a highly challenging problem due to the large amount of data involved. As the number of high quality 3D views provided to users increases, current video delivery systems (e.g. terrestrial broadcast) will struggle to meet the demanding requirements for many 2D/3D displays/TVs at homes.

DIOMEDES is a collaborative project, funded under the European Union FP7 ICT Networked Media research programme. Work will focus on new methods for the compression and delivery of multi-view video and multi-channel audio to users. The DIOMEDES approach is to develop a 3D Peer-to-Peer (P2P) distribution system, which will be designed jointly with novel video compression techniques. The compression, distribution, and security technologies developed within DIOMEDES will be demonstrated in the form of an integrated test bed.