Q3 News: August-October 2010

Multi-View Content Capture Sessions Completed

Audio-visual content capture sessions have been held at the University of Surrey, which have resulted in the capture of high quality audio and video content, which will be used in the DIOMEDES project to develop the system components, and to evaluate the final system.  The content will also be made publicly available, and can be previewed in 3D from the deliverable page.  The unique aspect of the DIOMEDES content is that it has been captured using eight high definition digital cinema quality cameras.  Much existing content is either captured using fewer cameras, or uses a larger number of lower quality cameras.

DIOMEDES Special Session At ICIP 2010

A special session on 3D visual media networking was held at ICIP 2010, on behalf of the DIOMEDES project.  The session was chaired by Prof Murat Tekalp, of Koc University, and was co-chaired by Dr Anthony Vetro from Mitsubishi Research Labs.  A paper from the University of Surrey was presented describing the key innovative aspects of the DIOMEDES project.  Many other key players in the 3D video networking field took part, with representatives from other EU projects, and from outside of the EU presenting.  The session proved to be very popular with conference delegates

Download the ICIP paper here.

DIOMEDES @ NEM Summit 2010

A DIOMEDES paper was presented at the NEM Summit in Barcelona, October 2010.  The paper was presented by the coordinator, Ahmet Kondoz, and described the system architecture.  In addition to the paper, IRT promoted the project within their booth at NEM (see left), by displaying a poster. 

You can download the NEM paper here, or download the poster.
DIOMEDES Poster Displayed in IRTs Booth at NEM Summit 2010