Q5 News: February 2011-April 2011

Third General Meeting

The third DIOMEDES general meeting was held in January 2011, at IRTs headquarters in Munich. The project participants presented the latest project updates, and continued their work on the demonstrator that will be shown to the EC at the first review. The demonstrator will feature joint transmission of stereoscopic views over DVB-T and P2P. Please keep checking the website, as a video of the demonstrator will be uploaded in late April.

DIOMEDES MPEG Contributions

Dr Erhan Ekmekcioglu from the University of Surrey travelled to March 2011 meeting of MPEG, held in Geneva. During the meeting he made two contributions from DIOMEDES, making the captured content available to all MPEG participants, and also presenting a novel depth map filtering technique, which can result in multi-view bit-rate gains of as much as 52%.

DIOMEDES First Demonstrator

The project partners completed a first version demonstrator of the DIOMEDES system on 15 April 2011. The details of the demonstrator are described in the video on the left.
Main server including DVB and P2P Evaluating the demonstrator
Discussion of demonstrator results DIOMEDES partners developing the demonstrator