Q6 News: May - Jul 2011

DIOMEDES at 3DTV Conference 2011

        A tutorial on 3D immersive media networking was given by Stewart Worrall at the 3DTV conference in Antalya, Turkey. The tutorial focussed on transmission of 3D media over P2P and DVB, and used the DIOMEDES architecture as a key example of future 3D media distribution. In addition to the tutorial, Arcelik also made a strong impact at the conference, and promoted the DIOMEDES project at the meeting using posters. Holografika was represented by Peter Kovacs during the conference, who presented a paper on multi-view plus depth rendering on light field displays.


DIOMEDES 4th General Meeting

        The fourth general meeting for DIOMEDES was held on 14-16 June 2011, at the University of Surrey. During the meeting, the partners worked towards producing the second version of their system, which will be able to deliver multiple 3D video views and spatial audio over DVB and P2P IP networks.

        Some video of the meeting, recorded in stereoscopic 3D, is included here.

Please note that you need to click on the video to view on the YouTube site to get the full range of 3D viewing options.

Researchers from the seven project partners come together to work on the second DIOMEDES demo Eye tracking tests were carried out using 3D audio-visual systems
The second demo will also include object coded audio, rendered using an eight speaker spatial audio system The test results will be used to improve 3D video compression efficiency