Q8 News: Nov 2011 - Jan 2012

Major project deliverables completed

     During the seventh quarter a number of important deliverables have been completed, and have been made available on the deliverables page. These deliverables are:

1.       D4.5 – Describes the P2P multi-description media streaming architecture of DIOMEDES. It also includes test results depicting the QoS and QoE performance of the envisaged media delivery system using the visual attention based codec and QoE model.

2.       D2.3 – Describes the final status of the building blocks of architecture of DIOMEDES, including the novel P2P media delivery approach and synchronisation aspects.

3.       D5.2 – Describes the properties of the final proof-of-concept prototypes, along with indicative performance results.

4.       D5.3 – Describes in detail the software architecture of every prototype module in the server and user terminal architecture, along with the final inter-module control messages.

5.       D5.4 – Describes the functionality of security components prototypes in detail (e.g. encryption, keying, content registration, access control, and authentication).

6.       D5.5 – Describes the proof-of-concept work on multi-view stereoscopic video broadcast over DVB-T network and provides performance results with respect to QoE.


Presentation at ForumTech 2011 (15 November 2011)

      Péter Tamás Kóvacs from Holografika gave a presentation in ForumTech’11 event that took place in Valencia this year. His presentation, titled “3D is seen without glasses”, also covered the topic of the convergence between 3D-TV and internet based media transmission, where remarkable credit was given to DIOMEDES. The details of this event can be found at http://www.forumtech.es


Standardisation activities in ITU (November 2011)

      In the context of objective quality assessment of multichannel audio transmission, Representatives from Fraunhofer IDMT participated in the PEAQ-MC standardization process: International Telecommunication Union, Radio Communication Sector, ITU-R, Doc. 6C/564-E, "Report of the meeting of working party 6C", Geneva, 4 November 2011.


The Inition Open Event (29 November – 1 December 2011)

     Holografika attended the Inition Open Event in the company’s London office. Inition is a well-known reseller of 3D related technologies, with a major customer base. The event attracted 3D researchers and decision makers in the 3D field from the UK. Holografika presented the capabilities of the DIOMEDES visual renderer on the HoloVizio 240P display.

(More details in: http://www.inition.co.uk/news/29-nov-1-dec-2011-inition-display-visualisation-open-event)


Networked Media 8th FP7 Concertation Meeting (13 – 14 December 2011)

     The 8th FP7 Concertation Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium brought together the on-going FP7 projects to facilitate exchange of results and achievements. The projects were organised in four clusters: 3D Immersive Interactive Media (3DIIM), Future Media Networks (FMN), Media Search (MS) and User Centric Media (UCM). Professor Ahmet Kondoz from University of Surrey had presented the up-to-date achievements and outcomes of DIOMEDES project during the 3D Immersive Interactive Media cluster meeting. His presentation had summarised the research outcomes in all processing and transmission related work packages. The presentation can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/cf/nm-cm-8/item-display.cfm?id=7770


DIOMEDES Integration Meeting co-located with 5th General Meeting (30 January – 3 February 2012, Munich, Germany)

      Representatives from the consortium partners came together in IRT’s premises to build the complete demonstration set-up and test the functionality of each individual prototype block, as well as the overall performance of the set-up. Several trials were run on the user terminal architecture to rectify outstanding issues that hindered the smooth and synchronous playback of 3D media. Major issues have been rectified and synchronous playback using hybrid transmission scenario (e.g. stereoscopic video over DVB-T and enhancement layers, depth maps, and additional views over P2P-IP) was possible. Partners agreed on performing action points until the project review to further enhance the demonstrator.

     In the meantime, according to the agenda of the 5th general meeting, WP leaders have presented the up-to-date status of the tasks within their WPs and a number of action points have been compiled. The plan for the second year’s review and demonstration activity has been discussed among the partners of the project.