Posters and Presentations

The following posters and presentations can be downloaded, which provide an overview of the DIOMEDES project:


This is a list of the publications produced by the DIOMEDES partners, which have featured at major international conferences and in key peer reviewed journals.

  1. E. Ekmekcioglu, H. Kodikara Arachchi, A. Kondoz, C. G. Gurler, S. Savas, ”Content Aware Delivery of Visual Attention Based Scalable Multi-View Video over P2P”, 19th International Packet Video Workshop, Munich, Germany, May 2012.
  2. S. S. Savas, C. G. Gurler, A. M. Tekalp, “Quality of Experience of Multi-View Video for IP Delivery”, 19th International Packet Video Workshop, Munich, Germany, May 2012.
  3. S. S. Savas, C.G. Gurler, A. M. Tekalp, E. Ekmekcioglu, S. T. Worrall, A. M. Kondoz, “Adaptive Streaming of Multi-View Video over P2P Networks” , Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 27, issue 5 (Special Issue on Advances in 2D/3D video streaming over P2P networks), pp. 522 – 531, May 2012.
  4. K. Kunze, J. Liebetrau, T. Korn, "Evaluating spatial congruency of 3D audio and video objects", AES 132nd Convention, Budapest, Hungary, 26-29 April, 2012. (available: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=16317)
  5. N. Just, M. Laabs, E. Unver, B. Gunel, S. Worrall, A. Kondoz, “AVISION Audio and visual attention models applied to 2D and 3D audio-visual content”, Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB 2011), Nuremberg, Germany, Jun. 2011.
  6. C. Gurler, S. Savas, M. Tekalp, “Variable Chunk Size and Adaptive Scheduling Window for P2P Streaming of Scalable Video”, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2012 (ICIP 2012), Florida, USA, Oct. 2012 (accepted)
  7. S. Savas, C. Gurler, M. Tekalp, “QoE based Adaptation Strategies of Multi-View Video for IP Delivery”, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2012 (ICIP 2012), Florida, USA, Oct. 2012 (accepted)
  8.  K. Aydogdu, E. Dogan, H. Gokmen, C. Gurler, S. Savas, J. Hasselbach, T. Korn, E. Ekmekcioglu, T. Adari, “DIOMEDES: Content Aware and Adaptive Delivery of 3D Media over P2P/IP and DVB-T2”, NEM Summit 2011, Turin, Italy, September 2011.
  9. S. Savas, A. Tekalp, C. Gurler, “Adaptive multi-view video streaming over P2P networks considering quality of experience”, Proceedings of the 2011 ACM workshop on Social and behavioural networked media access, Arizona, USA, November 2011.
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  14. E. Ekmekcioglu, V. Velisavljevic, S.T. Worrall, "Content adaptive enhancement of multi-view depth maps for free viewpoint video", IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, April 2011.
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  17. Erhan Ekmekcioglu, Banu Günel, Maheshi Dissanayake, Stewart Worrall, Ahmet Kondoz, “A Scalable Multi-View Audiovisual Entertainment Framework With Content-Aware Distribution”, Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), Hong Kong, September 2010.
  18. C. Gurler, K. Bagci, and A. Tekalp, “Adaptive Stereoscopic 3D Video Streaming”, Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), Hong Kong, September 2010 . (IEEExplore link)
  19. G.Saygili, C.Gurler, and A. Tekalp, “Quality Assessment of Asymmetric Stereo Video Coding”, Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), Hong Kong, September 2010.
  20. S.T. Worrall, A.M. Kondoz, D. Driesnack, M. Tekalp, P. Kovacs, Y. Lapid, H. Gokmen, P. Aicroth, “DIOMEDES: Content Aware Delivery of 3D Media Using P2P and DVB-T2”, NEM Summit, September 2010.

Standards Contributions

  1. Erhan Ekmekcioglu, Stewart Worrall, Vladan Velisavljevic, Demuni De Silva, Ahmet Kondoz, "Multi-view Depth pre-processing using joint filtering for improved coding performance", ISO MPEG Doc No. m20070, March 2011, Geneva.
  2. Erhan Ekmekcioglu, Stewart Worrall, Hemantha Kodikara Arachchi, Safak Dogan, Banu Gunel, Ahmet Kondoz, "New Multi-view Test Sequences and Camera Parameters for 3DV Standardisation Work", MPEG Doc No. m20068, March 2011, Geneva.
  4. International Telecommunication Union, Radio Communication Sector, ITU-R Doc. 6C/564-E, “Report of the Meeting of Working Party 6C”, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov. 2011. (In the context of objective quality assessment of multichannel audio transmission, IDMT participated in the PEAQ-MC standardization process)

Conference Presentations

  1. Stewart Worrall , "Immersive 3D Media Networking: Challenges and Solutions", tutorial presentation on 3D-TV conference, 16 - 18 May 2011, Antalya, Turkey.
  2. Erhan Ekmekcioglu, “Distribution of Multi-View Entertainment Using Content Aware Delivery Systems”, presentation given in “Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Techniques for Media Delivery” workshop, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, February 2012.